Xe1 with 23 pancake lens or x100(s)?

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Re: Xe1 with 23 pancake lens or x100(s)?

simon wrote:



I think there is a 23mm pancake lens coming for the xe1  and just wondering what you people think it would compare to the x100 or x100s re. image quality.....

I have the x-e1 and would like to make it a little "smaller" i guess so it would be kinda "pocketable" and not sacrifice in iq..

Thanks for the input


Hi Tim,

I made my X-E1 "smaller" the other day by buying a 2nd hand 18mm Fuji lens ( a pancake )

I keep the 18mm on the X-E1 now (instead of the 18-55mm) 

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- Simon, SydneyHi Simon.....I am new to this idea...do you require an adapter or does it slip right on? Tim

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