Some dumb questions I have been wondering about

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Re: Some dumb questions I have been wondering about

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2) Does using a Polarising filter reduce the Dynamic Range of an image taken in sunlight with a digital camera?

Yes, unlike a ND filter (which just 'shifts' the light downwards, blocking all evenly), a pol filter actually blocks some areas more than others.
If a bright reflection is polarised then you will get a DR shift.

Often you find a wide DR between a bright blue sky and a (darker) foreground. By darkening the blue sky, the polarizer can allow you to expose a bit higher to better capture shadow details in the foreground while still keeping cloud detail. A gradient ND filter can also help with bright skies if the scene really does trend from light to dark, and in particular it works on cloudy skies (where the polarizer is not helpful).

The polarizer also works to tone down sky reflections off water or foliage. Since the reflections are usually the brightest parts of these areas, this also tends to reduces the DR, and also helps the foliage colors look more saturated.

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