RX100 vs. Alpha NEX

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Re: RX100 vs. Alpha NEX

Just got back from an intensive photographic sightseeing trip with my wife's school, as a bit of a tourist, and unofficial photographer of the group. Had an interesting time of it, taking both my NEX 5N with 18-55 kit lens and the RX100 and swapping a lot between them.

The RX100 definitely has the better lens IMO, it's noticeably sharper at screen res AND has better geometry.

The NEX 5N has quite a lot better DR, and is less "picky", ie it's more forgiving and easier to get a good (technically) shot. And it has better bokeh of course.

It's a "nicer" more comfortable photographing experience ergonomically.

The RX100 is harder work, but oddly more satisfying because of it. You have to strive to get the best from it. It's like a Ferrari F40 compared to a point and squirt AMG Merc, , and the results can be really stunning as long as you don't push it too hard and "spin out", to use the car analogy.

I have learned a lot by having the RX100 about the technicalities of photography and hopefully have become a better photographer as a result.

If I had to choose, I would definitely choose the RX100. But I am also very glad I had the NEX 5N first and still have it!

I am seriously considering getting a CZ 24mm prime lens for my NEX 5n now, having seen what the Zeiss on the RX100 is capable of...

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