Warning. Honest.

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Re: Warning. Honest.

rgolub wrote:

The major problem with 'cloud' storage is that the owner of said storage can decide they don't want to play anymore and they go home.  With your data.

Now, a reputable firm like Google is at least going to give you a couple of months to deal with it. Kim Dotcom, maybe not.  It's certainly not a good primary storage medium but it's OK for yet another storage system.

The key to backups is redundancy and automaticity.  Several backups, in different times, different hardware and different places.  Run by scripts or programs or whatnot.  In this day and age there is really no excuse not to have a decent backup strategy.

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Just look at what rapidshare and filefactory have done recently..

Unlimited or 10 gig store suddenly reduced to 5g, 1G, etc - and you get a few days or weeks to collect your data and do something with it.

Cloud store is NOT safe - it's just got different reasons WHY it's unsafe..

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