Challenges We'd Love To See:

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Re: Challenges We'd Love To See:

I would like to see more challenges for (all kinds of) table top photography, rather egotistical I fear as I fare better in those as in others (even if i am aiming for last place I end up in the middle...).

As for hosts, the ones I like most already do those sometimes (hmm, seems to be a connection there ), else I remember the ones whose challenges I won't enter, so I can't really answer that part.

Also I would welcome the return of the "My best picture this week" challenges.

vqueen had some interesting "literary challenges" two years ago, but I think gave up as the entrants only bothered with an literal interpration of the title only  -- and, as she wrote me, got rather angry being dq'ed , something which would happen again, so I fear this is out of the question.

But generally I like challenges that don't give too specific instructions on the motive and execution ("Mountain lake at sunset in winter, HDR"), but more guidelines for interpretation (for example "A story behind: Lovers and Couples"), even if I nearly always only get an idea after those close -- the greater variance of motives make the voting far more interesting and less exhausting than seeing fifty different photos of two flowers of the exact same type.

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