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Re: Metering question

Dittoman1 wrote:

beetle0042000 wrote:

I assume you don't have exposure lock or focus lock on your camera. In that case switch off auto focus on your camera, point towards the sky and half press the shutter. That will lock exposure.Continue to half press and then recompose the photo and turn the focusing ring on ur camera to get the object you want in focus and then pres the shutter all the way down.

If general metering doesn't deliver the results you want then switch over to spot.

When U say recompose the photo,, explain how to do that.. U meean uou press shutter half way and hold there, move t o other sublject

then snap or, Hold half way to lock exposeure then let go and press half away again... Is that how it works?

Thanks I m learning the words " recompose " I see it all the time in this forum

What i mean is press the shutter half way down , hold there(i.e keeping it half pressed) move ur camera so that the subject you wanna photograph is in frame and then turn the manual focus ring so that the subject gets in focus and only then press the shutter button all way down.If you let go of the shutter button before that , the exposure lock will be gone

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