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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

Stubb wrote:

MisterBG wrote:

I still don't understand your fixation with hierachical keywords. Any decent program can do a search based on as many or as few keywords that you care to enter. If I search for "red" I may find red cars and red flowers, but if I search for "red,flowers" then I get red flowers returned. I'm afraid I cannot see any reason for this hierachy that you seem to need, but I maybe I've missed your point?

The reason is that adding a leaf keyword automatically adds all the keywords above it.

Using an example from my hierarchy:

I'll add nature->animals->arthropods->insects->dragonflies->blue dasher->male

This picture will then show up when searching for any of the above terms even though I've only applied a single keyword.


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Bingo!  I just wrote a huge response and of course this fab new forum software blew it all!

But - yes... it is good to maintain meaning for keywords.. such as: Objects->Structures->Bridge  and  Activities->Games->Cards->Bridge    and    Activities->Exercise->Yoga->Bridge

Also, software can certainly find "Bridge" - but could return hundreds of images that you don't want... by choosing a hierarchy - the exact keywords are returned.  Perhaps not too important for the amateur photographer or home snapper - but very handy for a pro or someone who submits to stock photography houses.  Not that I am in either of those cats - but I started doing it because it is easier to do it from the start and change to a flat structure later...

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