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Fred Mueller wrote:

but also, the D800/D600, and now D7100, have jpg-picstyle engines that do not disable the contrast slider when you enable ADL (can't remember if the 7000 does this). This is a great improvement in the JPG engine.

If you shoot "Neutral", set contrast down two clicks, and put ADL on "extra high" you will get a JPG with a very very broad tone curve that holds most of the dynamic range these new sensors can span ... you may think the resulting JPG is "flat" (especially if the scene had less than extreme contrast values) but adding contrast to a JPG is possible, with pleasing results, while recovering highlight or shadows in a too steep 8 bit tone curve is not possible.

The in-camera contrast/brightness sliders are not disabled and still usable, but ADL overrides those user settings when ADL is active. You can see the effect in CNX2 by turning ADL off.

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