NEX 6 - I could kick myself!

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Re: DPR Doesn't Think It's Perfect?

Annex wrote:

cptrios wrote:

Annex wrote:

Personally I dont find the menus a challenge, they're simple to use if you make the effort to learn them and its very rare you need to even enter them if you set the custom/fn buttons up properly for your shooting style.

Rant away about "cheap china remote controls" (what does that have to do with NEX UIs?) and the like, but technology moves on and the days of dedicated control buttons and wheels for each and every function are gone and "experienced photogs" (ha) will end up having to adapt.

If you can't handle the change fine, stay locked in and miss out on.

The rest of us will keep on shooting.

If Sony came to you and offered to install a third control wheel on your NEX-6, free of charge - would you really say "No thanks, Sony. That'd just be needlessly old-fashioned?"

No, it would be great (and thats what the 7 is).

However, another control wheel would be another *customisable* control wheel (ie not dedicated). I'm all in favor of extra customisable controls (within reason) but dedicated controls (ie this wheel ONLY controls iso) are on the way out imo.

Aaah, well that's totally different. I'm with you there! (Though I am partial to a dedicated aperture ring.)

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