Who would buy a 'Sigma' 12/2.8 Prime @ $399

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I would ...

marike6 wrote:

MatsP wrote:

I have the Sigma 19/2,8 and I'm not too impressed of that lens. It's nice sometimes to have 2,8 but it is not much sharper, if at all, than the 12-50 at 19 mm or the 9-18 at 18 mm, and as I have those two lenses I don't use the Sigma very much.

Both the Sigma 19 2.8 and especially the 30 2.8 are sharper than the Olympus 12-50.  In fact, the 30 2.8, the exact same lens as is on Sigma's excellent DP2 Merrill, is an extremely sharp lens.  On the Lenstip review, it resolves over 75 lpmm at f2.8.  Just for comparison sake, the Panasonic 20 1.7, an excellent lens, also reached 75 lpmm at it's best aperture (1 EV down from wide open).

A Sigma 12/2,8 would be slower and bulkier than existing alternative primes, and maybe not much cheaper. And the 12-50 is not too bad at 12 mm and only 1/2 stop slower. Only if Sigma will make a remarkably better lens it would be interesting to me.

Bulky? Sometimes reading the m43 forum, I feel like I've just arrived from outer space, as both the Sigma 19 and 30 2.8 are tiny lenses.  No they are not pancake lenses, but they take 46mm filters and weigh almost nothing, so when I read "bulky" in reference to the two wonderful Sigma lenses, I just have to scratch my head.

I have nothing against Sigma as a brand, they make excellent lenses for APS-C and FF and I have owned a couple of them, but I don't like their policy to only make half-decent cheap lenses for m4/3

Sigma adapted two of the best lenses (they are same excellent optics as found on the DP1 and DP2 Merrill camera in different casing) for m43 and are offering both lenses for $199 and people still complain????   Maybe lensmakers need to charge 500-900 USD for m43 primes for you guys to be happy.

Personally I have no problem with either Sigma lens, they are both extremely sharp with fast / quiet focussing due to the linear AF motors, great for stills and video.  And for the price, I couldn't possibly have any justifiable complaints.  The 19 2.8 even comes with a lens hood, unlike some other m43 lensmakers who I can think of.

I happen to agree.  Nicely put !. ... I think that it shows that they could do a decent job on 12/2.8.


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