Good 50mm Lens For Sony Nex ... on a Budget?

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Re: Good 50mm Lens For Sony Nex ... on a Budget?

kuuan wrote:

Jokica wrote:

Great comparison, thanks for sharing.

My fav is Konica Hexanon 50mm 1.7 and I am really curious how would this lens compare against tested ones.

You are very welcome!

I am very certain that it would be a top performer! I have read very good things about the Hexanons of knowledgeable people, and most specially about the 1.7/50!

At the same time I would not expect it to clearly outperform the better ones in the test. Not that I am saying that you say so, please don't take that directed to you, but let me add that generally I am very suspicious of anyone claiming that this or that lens is 'better' than, or as sometimes it is said 'trashes' the rest. Konica, Olympus, Canon Pentax, Nikon, Topcor are all top Japanese lens manufacturers and for their e.g. 1.4/50 there won't be much in between, sample variation may be more decisive than brand.

Obviously I am heavy into Takumars / Pentax lenses and for me they have many favorable points going for them, their 50/55mm lenses are tops, but to NEX users I have been recommending rather Hexanons, Rokkors and Canon nFDs simply on the ground that they had not been adaptable to other cameras but the still rel. new mirrorless cameras and therefore sell cheaper.

To choose a good 50mm availability, condition, personal liking of handling, size asf. imo should be at least as important, if not more important factors than nitpicking small performance differences.

Thank you very much for your detailed answer.

All the best


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