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Re: same here: I don't trust cd or dvd

TOF guy wrote:

FractalFlame wrote:

And it's funny how technology bring new, unwanted, thing.

Before CD's we had never heard of the aluminium eating fungus - then the alu CD's arrived and the fungus started eating the layers.

Now we have gold, silver, platinum, etc layers - soon we may have gold eating fungi.. or a bacteria that thrives on silver..

Oxidation has been around way before bacteria (or fungi, for that matter) even started to show up on earth

The idea behind using gold is, precisely, because it's the metal most resistant to oxidation.

Oh true - the problems have existed in some form or other.

My point was that until the CD came into mass use, this fungus was not known. CDs arrive, fungus happens along.

Gold is resistant to pretty much anything of this nature (corrosive/consuming/etc - not meaning heat or physical damage)..

But - what if somewhere in the Amazon rainforests there's a gold eating bacteria. It's only that no one has been there with a gold dvd or piece of golf/ring/etc.
One day someone goes there and brings it back in a dvd movie they made of their trip.. and BAMF!!  we get our gold dvds eaten away!

Fantasy scenario, and just put up for discussion; but that is how the aluminium fungus got known, pure random happen-stance.

(We think we know so much about this world.. the reality is that we know so little - theorise a lot, yes, know little)

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