Warning. Honest.

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Re: Warning. Honest.

I just finished building a nas for my home. I went with raidz for keeping the system up if a single drive fails. Its important to remember that raid is not a backup. My backup plan is to have 2 drives in rotation with full backups. One should always be off site. I am also using the ZFS file system. Zfs verifies the data on every read or write. It also supports snapshots. Snapshots allow you to keep track of any file that is modified or deleted,allowing you to recover files from the point in time that the snapshot was made. They also make incremental backups simple. I am going to set up a small old laptop to do remote off site syncing at some point to do away with moving the drives back and forth. I recommend reading the Tao of backup: taobackup.com/index.html .

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