Canon 7d pictures flat?

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enough pop?

rekomaged1 wrote:

I dont see how it is so under exposed? I was trying to get the shot with the pure sunlight hitting right on it. Maybe its my techniques that is wrong?

it is a little under exposed.  If you shoot RAW you can salvage lots of those things.  Another question is why you use ISO250 and 1/1000?  You can go down on both ISO and shutter speed and have enough light to expose it more.

Other than that, images dont pop because of flat light during the shot and not enough saturation.  But not every image has to pop like a piece of neon plastic.

pic 1: Due to the subject/colors, there isnt much that could pop ... still if you increase sat and contrast it will pop a bit more

pic 2: there is enough color in there and I dont think it needs to "pop" more. still, if you want then increase cont and sat.

Other things to consider are: are you shooting JPG with a neutral color profile (or whatever its called), saturation and contrast turned down? Are you shooting Adobe RGB and displaying sRGB?

For the pic to be rotated, some software you are not using is not reading your location sensor data or the sensor isnt working

I dont see anything really wrong with those pics, except #1 a bit underexposed and you are using settings that are not ideal

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