Blogger Ming Thein: GH3 a "consumer appliance"

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Re: Has already been discussed here at great length

I mean... the same or worse performance than the M5, larger, heavier, no IBIS, more expensive... wtf? Yuck.

I am not really interested either, have Gh2 and EPL5. More awaiting new OMD. But if thatis the case, you won't take it may be it is better to just say that you are not going to review the cam for that reason.
You are reviewing this for an audience. It seems totally unnecessary for the audience to know that you don't like the cam at first sight (too big...) and then let that prejudice/preference filter through almost constantly in your review. to my mind, it becomes way too personal in this way and is not very informative for a broader audience. I am not interested in a reviewers prejudices, I am interested in what he coudl do with it. Of course he can make a remark that the size is not for him etc.,289

See how that tiny sensor looks ridiculous in that unnecessarily blown-up body :>
Btw. It is the same size as FF cameras.

First of all: this is a system I think. Look how it is still much smaller with similar lenses

GH3 - D7100- D600

With longer zooms..

Gh3 D7100 D600 with 70-200 equiv

If anything seems to have no advantage anymore when it comes to size, it is an APS-c weathersealed D7100..The m43 cam is easily and visibly MUCH smaller again.

For someone who shoots movie, this kind of size difference is not a problem at all. Also: it weighs a lot less. Thsi cam is aimed at videographers and fot enthusiasts. if you only shoot pics, OMD or G5 and other smaller m43 cams are a better choice it seems.

Also: this is a system. if it is only the body, buy a NEX.

Is this what you call MICRO 4/3?

I buy a system camera to buy lenses. I need to carry them. Size and weight are important. No DSLR can touch m43s not even one with a very large body. The difference is indeed quite big.

Also, the difference with the OMD of course is there, but it is very small compared to a weathersealed APS-c cam with a lens.

GH3 OMD D7100 with 70-200 equiv

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