Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Is professional photography dying out?

Free business advice.

I know this works in western Europe, and will probably also work in the U... S... of A!

Find local (used) car dealerships/leaser, not the "my first little/rusty dodge" used car dealer with balloons and small flags.
But upscale dealers/leasers, you know... steel and glass front. No cars standing in the open, and everyone of then clean as a whistle.

Take contact to them, and set up a "plan" where you come once twice a month, and shoot their latest cars for local advertisement/newspaper/internet.
You have to sell yourself well (first shoot for free?), but it can be a nice and steady source of work.
Car dealers don't want a car standing just looking pretty, it has to be sold/leased ASAP and make room for the next one.
They earn quite the dough on each car sold/leased, so to them 80$ per vehicle is pennies.

Got a buddy in Denmark who told me, and he finance his own car, education and a little more this way.
Know one in Netherlands doing it as well, personally i don't do it, as it would have to be in my spare time  and my time is worth more.

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