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overlooked in the new Nikons ...

First let me say that wlad is essentially correct - a cloudless sunny day landdscape scene typically has mid "teens" stops of dynamic range - but the deep shadows occupy such a small portion of the photograph that these plugged shadows are not too significant visually, even to the point of going un-noticed ...

but also, the D800/D600, and now D7100, have jpg-picstyle engines that do not disable the contrast slider when you enable ADL (can't remember if the 7000 does this). This is a great improvement in the JPG engine.

If you shoot "Neutral", set contrast down two clicks, and put ADL on "extra high" you will get a JPG with a very very broad tone curve that holds most of the dynamic range these new sensors can span ... you may think the resulting JPG is "flat" (especially if the scene had less than extreme contrast values) but adding contrast to a JPG is possible, with pleasing results, while recovering highlight or shadows in a too steep 8 bit tone curve is not possible.

For me this makes the possibility of shooting JPGs much more attractive -  and I have been doing just that with my D600 much more often than I ever did with my D700, which is a RAW only body (for me) because it has very steep JPG curves.

With this in mind - consider shooting outdoor athletics with the 7100 (settings = neutral/low contrast/ADL high)  the RAW challenged buffer actually will be adequate, and your files will likely only need a little contrast boost in post.

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