a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: Endos,

Hawaii-geek wrote:

Endos wrote:

The new hot-shoe is one of the dumbest changes in the camera industry ever.


Just a little curious Why?

The New Standard Hot Shoe  imho is a great idea  ... because you "Should" be able to use Radio Triggers and Flashes that any other camera can use on there Hot Shoe.  (and still use SONY stuff)

Problem that I "just" discovered ...  that a Standard Hot Shoe Radio Trigger DOES NOT Fit on it.

because the  SONY pins at the end of it is stopping the FOOT from going all the way IN.

Weird ...   There must be a trick to this?


You can use any ISO flash out there with the old iISO hot-shoe using an adapter. Now you need to use an adapter for absolutely all original photographic accessories, but two flashes, and only a few not original ISO hot-shoe accessories fit the new shoe.

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