Colors of DP1M, DP2M & DP3M pretty close

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Re: What a nonsense

You tried a scientific approach. Try again or stop it.

The tittle of your OP is completely different from the tittle of an other thread.

As a pro I didn't even tried to go on the Scientific side of this debate because this is just useless and I do not own a real review bench (this is not my work). Without scientific LAB results, tests over here are biased by so many factors ... well. I understand some of the late trolls over here, after all.

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So I stop all blabla and I just say this :

For the photographers who are interested in going into the SIGMA DP line and do not care about shooting with a 75mm equivalent (and about polemics) :

The SIGMA DP3 Merrill output better IQ (sharpness is just a parameter) than the other DP Merrills. This as all to do with an adjusted signal, the file out of the DP3m is more balanced and more ... SONY like, more neutral, less odd, less shift.

Some of the Foveon "problems" such as colour splotch are present if we expose badly, (just expose foveon like a film and your ok).

For now, the DP3m, despite his longer focal length, is the easiest Foveon I used so far even in PP.

It is up to you to trust me or no. By reading my "report" on this >>>>> LINK <<<<<< you will have some infos, not all, because I did not have the pretension to call me a reviewer or to do scientific tests. I'm just a user who was impressed by the change, in a good way.

All the best.

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