Going to leave M43, can't decide between these two.

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Re: You're doing this all wrong.

These Leica imitations by Minox are made by a Chinese company named 'Zoran'. Minox specifies the looks and markets the stuff. Camera stores hardly ever stock them, but mail order companies do as do airlines who sell them as 'tax-free items' on board.

The camera's do work, at least they produce images that can be recognised. Other than that, the 5MP camera's are no better than a Kodak Instamatic of the 70's, and those were more dependable. With these minox', the color balance is often way of, producing pictures with a strong blue, yellow or orange cast. As if Hipstamatic is built in. It's digital Lomography, very nostalig and kitsch. Compare to a miniature Sony Cybershot U20/U30 and the little Sony is much, much better. Sharper image, better color balance, much better IQ. With the Minox you just never know what you're gonna get...

Minox DSC (black and silver first edition)

Minox DSC 1

Minox DSC 1

Minox DSC 1

Minoc DSC 1

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