Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Hmmm....

Think what you like.

I wish I could say my business had been a success. It hasn't. It has been a dismal failure and an utter waste of money - most of which I can't even recoup from selling everything. It has been an expensive learning experience. I rather suspect I would have had better use of the money if I had spent it on drink, drugs and loose women.

I won't even add up the amount of money thrown away on this venture. It sickens me that somebody I trusted was able to scam me into trying this lark. My relatives had doubts about it but believed me when I repeated what the person I trusted had told me. I now, of course realise that person had less business sense than the average pile of manure despite owning their own business.

The one comment I keep hearing is that when people get laid off they either buy a garden tractor and call themselves a landscape gardener (they cut grass) or a camera and call themselves a photographer (they take pictures).

I have had work but not enough to make this viable. In 7 years, 3 contracts - one of which was paid by check drawn on a closed bank account.

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