Colors of DP1M, DP2M & DP3M pretty close

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Re: Colors of DP1M, DP2M & DP3M pretty close

HBowman wrote:

I started this  and still see THE difference. Red luminance of the DP2m is higher (or less adjusted) than the DP3m. Color mode of the DP3m is not the same as the DP2m, as I stated and as I continue to state.

So you see A difference. Will have to have a look at the color mode theory you mention here.

The next generation of DP, probably after the cash back, will reach the same level. The Dp3m is adjusted compared to the other DPm. Like The DP2s was compared to the DP2.

Speculations. Or having inside knowledge?

I do not think I had a faulty camera nor models changed skin in some months.

If some of you are newcomers in this brand I suggest you read the forum a little bit more. The color shift of the SD1m, who freakin exist and is a fact, for us, professional, is exacerbated in the DP2m and does not exist in the DP3m.


And could you please stop this professionals thing? I'm a pro too.

On this very forum I'm in contact with some professionals (who do not care to post here) and managed to get accurate result/variations over time with the DP2m but after color calibration and custom WB in neutral mode ... I speak about art reproduction professional, not flower shooters.

Don't do art reproduction, shoot the occasional flower. Gary also does art reproduction professionally, would love to hear his opinion on this.

A simple D700 or K5 is more color accurate than a DP2m without pp... This is not the case with the DP3m >> he is superior.

Simple D700? DP3 needs some post processing too as far as i'm concerned.

This is not necessary with the DP3m because standard mode of the DP3m is equivalent to the neutral mode of the DP2m (roughly).

need to check that

I owned all sigma camera from the SD14, all. This is not the case of probably 85% of the ppl who post here... There is a color difference (even minimal) between ALL sigma cameras over the generations, ALL.

Since SD10. And yes there are differences between each and everyone of them. Among SD14s it was often not minimal.

My wild guess, for the DP2m, SD1m (probably at a serial level) is that the filter between red and green was not that adjusted thus ending in this brown saturation and cadaveric rendering of all skin tones. There is Soooooo much much example over the web... just wake up or consult an ophthalmologist.

Just try to change your tone a little. Yes I see problems, yes I changes, yes I see some things need adjustment. But if you are so sure what the reason is, why is it not solved? No one else saw it? You did not contact Sigma/Foveon about it? Come on I love your enthusiasm and applaud that but please don't make yourself into the sole Savior of the Foveon technology.

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