First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

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Re: First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

tjobbe wrote:

Some short statement (as I posted that on a german forum as well) about the battery and charger:

The NX300 comes with one BP1130 that is same physical size as the BP1030 from the NX200/210/1000/1100 so you can use the BP1030 with the NX300 (tried it myself but did not try the reverse using the BP1130 in the NX200)

The downside: the BP1130 won't charge in the loader set coming with the NX200 although it physically fits in there but you can only charge it via USB (a dedicated USB Host to Micro USB cable provided and you can exchange it with a lengthier versionĀ  ... the one shipped is really short)

I was able to use the USB charger that I'm using with my galaxy tab since a while successfully with the NX300 (replacing the proprietary cable with the standard USB one)

That is very good to hear.

Can you tell us though, can you charge the BP1030 in camera on over USB?

It would be great to not have to carry charger around if taking NX1000 as spare on holiday.

Though I guess, should I need the NX1000 due to NX300 dying, not being able to charge through camera would then be a problem...

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