Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

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Re: Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

Shotcents wrote:

I'd tend to agree with this, which makes the Nikon weaker when shooting candids at 250-300mm. That is a STRONG reason for owning a 70-300 and the Tamron is better.

Are you serious? Portrait aint  strong feature of these lenses. But these are crops 1:1 at 300mm Nikkor. They aren't best portraits, but occasionally portraits made at 300mm f/5.6-f-6.3. (When I make purpose portraits I use 100-135 mm range, so only reportage here)

For such a work smooth out of focus transitions means more than dermathologic sharpness in focul plane. Tamron is sharper, Nikkor is smoother and more pleasant. So what?

3. At about > 300m Nikkor sharper

You needed to make an AF fine tune perhaps, but a few others have had issues at long distances. However I posted pics above of the sailboat with crops. No one has posted shots from the Nikon 70-300 that are as sharp and I'm well beyond 300m. Samples speak louder than words.

My Kung-Fu is better than your $)

Do you wanna crops? You've got it.

Those samples at 300mm. Tamron is sharper at strictly 300 mm a little. So I use 270mm f/7.1

Hmmmm. Interesting. Yet my sample exposes about the same as my 70-200 VRII at the same F-stops.

It'is not about exposing, but about actual T-stops, i.e. opacity of lens.

I posted a bokeh comparison already and the Tamron does quite well. On Fred Miranda someone else did one set of tests and you could see no difference in the bokeh.

You use 2 plane shots when one is clearly in focus and another clearly blurred background. Any lens even 1/2,5" compacts do that fine. I prefer good "focus" - "out-of focus" transitions.

7. VR action better in Tamron, but if VR fails it ruins picture. Nikkor works somewhat predictable.

Sorry, but the VC is VASTLY better than the VR in my 70-200 VRII and at least as good as the VRIII in the new 70-200.

Yes, Tamron VC is very sturdy. So unreliable in real life too.

So it was tough comparison, I've tested 3 copies of Tamron but Nikkor win.

I only had one sample of the Tamron and I kept it. But I did own two copies of the 70-300vr. I always post samples so there's no doubt that I'm using the stuff I'm commenting on!

I'm glad. But do you see hard edges and spots of Tammy's "bokeh" on your sample photos?

It is not your fail. Nobody is perfect.

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