I think Thom was right, again...

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Daniel Lauring
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It really depends on how bad your GAS is (gear acquisition syndrome)

I used to upgrade to every new model or every other.  That was expensive and completely unnecessary.  My last upgrade went from the 7D to the D800 and took over 4 years.

One should factor in is the difference in cost between selling your old gear and buying new.  There isn't any reason to keep the old gear and let it depreciate.  Sell it quick and mimimize your depreciation.

If you don't have to buy a model right when it comes out, you can often save a good 10% buy waiting till the initial prices drop, or 20-30% by shopping for a gently used or refurb one.  The refurb D800 I picked up saved $400 and after a a week or two of use isn't any different from a new one.

To recap.

#1 Don't buy the new model unless it specifically addresses a problem you are having with the old one (like improved focus where focus was a problem.)

#2 Sell your old body as quickly to maximize the money you get from it.

#3 Don't buy a model right when it comes out.  Wait for prices to drop.

#4 Investigate used and refurbs.  This requires #3 as it takes a little time for them to hit the market.

P.S.  Digital has allowed me to learn and improve in a much shorter period of time, and at lower cost than analog because of how cheap it is to shoot.  I can shoot lots of ways and learn almost instantly vs. shoot less and wait for the developer results.

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