Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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Re: Can the X20 be saved? :-)

The viewfinder has really improved. The focus indication shows now where in fact you have focused, allowing for the paralax-error. This is absolutely perfect and gives you the possibility to correct after the half press for the paralax failure that is inherent in any OVF-system. Absolutely super. This is for instance very easily accomplished, if you set in the learning phase the focus point allways to the middle position of the matrix.

I had the X10 and have now the X20. So I can simply make a comparision, since i still have the x10 images in my archive. The X20 plays in a different (higher) league. Lightroom(and other converters) can now develop the 12 MP raws and the IQ is superb up to 1600 ISO. Also 3200 ISO is not bad. For OOC-JPGs one must find just the prefered settings. The viewfinder is now really usable (see above comments), the lens correction in the wide position is good now. No compression anymore. There are a lot of further inprovements, which make the functionality and the handling better. The AF is lightening fast. So far there is only one small problem for me, if you switch to OVF only, it is not possible to have the quick review on the LCD after the shot. To be repaired with firmware. The white balance problem that is described somewhere, I can't see. So far it was always spot on. After all you have always the possibility to switch to manual-wb or to shoot Raw. Reviews which complain over the automatic pano-mode and a missing touchscreen i can't take really serious in fact. I have two other great cams with bigger sensors, but this mini-leica is what I prefer currently most of the time.

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