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Re: Excellent sentiment

Laurence Matson wrote:

diolus wrote:

Yep the greatest cameras ever

I would not go quite so far, but I appreciate your enthusiastic approval. We just never know what is to come.

Thanks again!

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I don't yet own a Sigma but I will by mid year when I will be in the UK and will pick one up. I am already aggravated by the Sigma software despite not yet using it. I wish there was a DPZ zoom camera because I am already suffering from a nervous condition trying decide which of the 3 DP cameras to buy. New Zealand landscapes lend themselves to both wide and tele lenses.

So far I have been a jpeg shooter and a Sigma will cost me dearly because my Mac is already nearly full of images and the monstrous Sigma images are probably going to blow my whole convenient in computer storage system apart and anyway I want to go retina display for the Sigma images.

Then there is the tripod, I want a DP camera for the convenience of owning a pocketable camera but to nail the shots reliably, a tripod is needed. I console myself with the thought that the Impressionists would go out for the day carrying a wooden easel with a stand and their paints and supplies, as well as a stool to sit on and it took all day to get one image, compared to that the tripod is a small price to pay.

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