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Re: Nikon DSLR -> Mirrorless

Like many of us I'm also a DSLR shooter, and know the Nikon line-up very well.

Reading your needs carefully I think a NEX 6 with SEL35/1.8 is a very good option. Yes you'll lose some AF speed, but you should be able to live with it (not so with the X-E1, it'll drive you crazy). Disclaimer, I've shot all the gear I'm writing about, so while this is only my opinion and may not apply to others, it's also first hand experience.

I don't think the NEX would replace your Nikon gear entirely, at least not in the beginning. But get a 6 with 35/1.8 AND a Nikon adapter. It'll gve you a very good idea of what you can or cannot do with mirrorless. NEX has its weaknesses and limitations, but IQ is NOT one of them. The NEX sensor holds its owns VERY well against any competition, including the much hyped, and truly excellent Fuji X. I did play extensively with the XE-1 and it did not sway me from my NEX gear. Focus Peaking is a revelation and the NEX chip, when you put good glass in front of it, is second to none.

Do yourself a favor a try a 6 (even though I personally have chose the 7 over it, I still think the 6 is a great option for first time mirrorless users).

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