Blogger Ming Thein: GH3 a "consumer appliance"

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Re: Has already been discussed here at great length

Jorginho wrote:

My take:

Ming is a very skilled photographer, the Gh3 was still put to good use to him.

As a reviewer I think he lacks an unbiased stance.
- he did not take the camera out ot often because he didn't like to. This gives other camera's a better chance to get aquanted with if he likes them. This personal facto interferes with objectivity
- He is clueless about video. I think GH3 was specially designed and aimed for video. if you don't understand it, you cannot review the cam as whole
- He uses absolutistic remarks on what clearly is subjective. You cannot always use "I think" or "personally" but in my view, he should have doen this much more.

I have seen this before from him. Soform what I have seen from him he should try to me objective and if he does not have the skills to test the camera for what it is aimed for, may be he should leave the reviewing up to those that can putthe cam to the test.

I wouldn't like to take out that brick of a camera either.

I mean... the same or worse performance than the M5, larger, heavier, no IBIS, more expensive... wtf? Yuck.,289

See how that tiny sensor looks ridiculous in that unnecessarily blown-up body :>
Btw. It is the same size as FF cameras.

Is this what you call MICRO 4/3?

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