Privacy or security concerns?

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Re: Privacy or security concerns?

richard stern wrote:

I printed some picture files at one of those large Kodak printing machines at a store in a mall, by putting them on a usb memory stick, then inserting the stick into the machine, choosing the files I needed printing, then hitting Print. I then removed the stick, and the files proceeded to print. Then I picked up the prints and paid at the desk. There was no 3rd party involved. Then I got to thinking this process is rather analogous to getting cash at an ATM with a debit card. I have in the past been robbed by someone "skimming" an ATM.- so do those machines keep any information, or copies of the files, and does this raise any privacy or security concerns?

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Richard (rb_stern),

No these machines do not save any information. So don't worry about any thing.

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