New Epson WorkForce_very poor Draft print quality

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Draft Mode has always been Daft Mode for Epsons

Always has been poor and only fit for quick checking for smelling arrers or mistycakes or suchlike - never for anything worth keeping.

Although no longer available - and does not work with Win 7 onwards - I have InkSaver - a little utility I purchased many years ago that enables saving of ink by setting to always kick in when printing - I can, as one specific example, print newsletters for our Zone 8 Photo Society using 50% - thus saving a lorra lorra ink.  No good with original Epson cartridges - as they only (the chips that is) measure print numbers, so using with those would simply mean chucking away a half full cartridge.  Works fine of course with refillables and CIS units and a chiup resetter.  I have my computer set so I can boot into Win 7 or XP-Pro by choice - and all programmes and files are accessible from either (same files and programmes in same installed folders for each OS) so I can compose in Win 7 and then switch to print from XP when I have a lot to do and obviously, save dosh.

Draft Mode, as mentioned, has never been any good whatsoever - I have always wondered why Epson ever offered it - something could be used far more useful along lines of InkSaver.  However, if you were to print loads using Draft Mode (even if it was any good) it would again simply mean your cartridge chips would show as being empty working on numbers and throughput - not on actual ink usage!  So, use normal settings - get decent printouts as you would save nothing even if the Draft Mode actually produced decent printouts. 

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