What would be a good basic lens collection?

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Re: What would be a good basic lens collection?

Back in the day; the film days, I quickly acquired within a year of getting my N50, a 70-300, 24-120(the first edition) and a 50 1.4. These went along with my kit lens, a very cheaply made 35-70 ( not the great 2.8 model). Those lenses didn't last me 3 years, except for the 50. My point is that chronic lens acquisition syndrome (clas) is devastating to the wallet.

Much of my history of lens acquisition was designed at haveing the "holy trinity" of zooms along with some primes to fill in holes, and alternatives for trekking, or travel. But a lot were mistakes. Fortunately I had been able to sell my old lenses at decent prices to finance my new acquisitions.

As others have said, don't rush to just acquire lenses. You have said you don't want to be redundant or make n mistakes. Achieving that will come with using the lenses you have until you find their limitations and purchasing lenses that fit your needs. Don't worry about the "newest, bestest." I learned at, great cost, that a really good lens is timeless. My 28-70,17-35, 85, are from my days using film. They are still very good lenses.

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