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Re: Had to do something...

... or Aperture (except X-Trans RAF of course)...

You can use them stand alone, although a royal pain in the proverbial place. However, for that once in a lifetime photograph... The following is how it works on my Mac, for Windows I wouldn´t know, but I guess it´s not that much different, if at all. Some reservations too about OS version, I´m on OSX 10.8.3 meanwhile, cannot tell with certainty for older ones anymore. 

You need to start converting your picture to a (16 bits) TIFF, as that´s what NIK works with. Beware, save / export it to that effect somewhere else, as the result will be destructive. For testing, the desktop seems a good place.

Once you got a TIFF, you can right click on it - either on that desktop if you saved there, or in the file browser - and instead of just opening it, pick ´Open With´ or ´Other...´: you may need to click ´All Applications´ instead of ´Recommended´ to get access to the NIK ones, but once you do, you can just pick the one you fancy. Do your stuff as usual, when happy click Save to get your edited version.

That´s it, sounds complicated but it really is not. The pain is merely in the need to open each single access to it, but above all, not working from your controlled environment. That aside, it will work.

However, again, remember the warning: work from a copy, not some valuable original TIFF (maybe the result of your prior working with CS2)

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