Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?

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Re: Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?

Keit ll wrote:

The Op's question is legitimate & unfortunately Sony have demonstrated time & time again that they don't really understand Photographers needs. Like some I bought a NEX 7 very early & falsely assumed that suitable lenses would appear in a reasonable time. Mea culpa !

Sure now there is a selection of lenses covering 10-200mm , all of 'reasonable' quality but apart from the 24mm non stabilised Zeiss they are only average. Look at what Fuji have achieved in a relatively short time & they compare very favourably, All their lenses are of good quality & , although not the cheapest , they are affordable.

If I were starting out again I would take a different path, I made the mistake of trying to remain loyal to a familiar manufacturer & had to learn a lesson the hard way.....

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Keith C

While I agree that sometimes sony's decisions don't make that much sense, there is a roadmap, and it has been met every year, so I think it is more the buyer who has to understand if the nex line is for him or not, and not complain for something like this.

We can still discuss the logic, and when you start thinking who sony is targeting  it is pretty obvious  It is targeting P&S upgraders  and they are selling these cameras with just 1 lens most of the time. Remember that not so long ago it was critisized for the sizes of the lenses. Since then, it released the power zoom, a 35mm and now a 20mm, all small compared to the previous kit zoom. But of course, it is impossible to have everybody happy.

As it has been discussed time and time again, sony caters to 3 customers:


P&S upgraders

Advance amateurs.

Because of that the release of lenses through the year has to be splited between these customers. But again, with a very obvious roadmap, I think that complaining is a bit ridiculous. Discussion it, it is ok, but you cant say sony didnt say already what it plans to release.

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