I have a budget of about S$800-900. Which Mirrorless camera is the most bang for buck i could get?

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Re: I have a budget of about S$800-900....

I second the recommendations for the Samsung NX 20 (which I own) and the Nikon 1 V1 (which I have just ordered). Both provide excellent bang for buck, the former because it's  not popular, the latter because it's discontinued. In my opinion the Samsung lenses are excellent if if you like prime lenses and wider angles, the Nikon 1 I ordered because I like the idea of having a small zoom that covers a big range.

I'm not sure what the market's like in Singapore, but best value is almost always to buy older model cameras - look for last year's discontinued stock going cheap and put the savings on lenses. Here in Australia there are often twin lens deals on older micro four thirds cameras, for example.

To be honest, you can't really go wrong with most cameras produced in the last couple of years - I suggest going to a few shops and just picking one you like the feel of.

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