Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?

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Re: Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?

Lattimer wrote:

I intially bought into the Nex system when I was graduating from P&S and wanted something smaller than DSLR for travel. My wife and I usually end up taking one international trip per year, and I like to try and take the best pictures I can, because you never know when/if you'll be able to make it back to some of these locations.

I started with the Nex 5N and the kit 18-55 along with the Sigma 19 and 30.  I figured I could use those lenses to practice, and get the "G" zoom that was rumored to be just around the corner when it came out.  Months turned into more than a year and a half, and still no high end standard zoom is available for the e mount.  I've thought about getting the LA-EA2, but by the time I add that and an A mount lens, I could have just bought a full size DSLR.  I've worked my way up to owning most of the primes for the e mount (except 16mm pancake and the Zeiss 24) and now really feel committed to the Nex platform.

Anyway, we have a trip coming up in late April, and I was kind of holding out for the Nex 7N, but it looks like that won't be out in time. I went ahead and ordered a Nex 7 with credit card bonus points so it was "free".

Given that a higher quality zoom is unlikely to be available before our trip, should I start considering the SEL18200? Is the IQ much better than the kit SEL1855?  I dont mind swapping lenses occasionally, but if I could leave one lens on most of the time, it would make the trip much more enjoyable. If it's not clearly better than the 18-55, I guess I'll just make do with the kit lens most of the time.

I could have written this myself, word-for-word, except the reference to the 18-200 which I wouldn't consider as it makes the camera too large.  I'm on such a trip right now and missing a quality mid-range zoom.  On the last trip I had dust problems from changing lenses that I couldn't easily solve myself on the road.  I was probably unlucky, even so, I agree with the OP that trips are more fun if you can minimise lens changes.


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