Sony Zeiss 24mm - What is so special?

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cptrios wrote:

J Yohan wrote:

The Carl Zeiss 24mm with my NEX 7 is THE reason why I haven't fallen in love with my X100s yet.. X100s simply can't compete with the CZ24 in terms of sharpness. while sharpness isn't the only factor in IQ, I have to stop down the X100s to f4 to match the CZ24 at F1.8 in the center.

I'm starting to get more keepers with the X100s as I get more familiar with the camera. But the Carl Zeiss 24mm might be the best any mirrorless system or compact camera has to offer.

Really? I have the X100 (same lens as the X100s), and it's as sharp in the center at all f-stops as any lens I've ever used. Maybe the 16MP is stressing it a bit?

One thing about the X100 lens is that it doesn't perform spectacularly with close subjects. The farther away you get from your focus point, the sharper it gets. Have you only shot closeup with the X100s so far?

I've noticed that close ups are softer with the X100s. I wasn't insinuating that the X100/X100s has bad IQ by any means. It's just that my Nex 7 and 24mm are just that much sharper at large apertures... if sharpness is important for someone, it's an easy call between the two. Of course, the NEX 7 + 24mm combo will cost much more.

Fuji might be onto something with the X100s though. Great IQ there.

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