First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

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Re: First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

Ariston wrote:

I do have some questions with regards to live view magnification, is that if you could change the magnified focus area since the previous NX lenses only magnifies the center area?

The DMF (that works with NX system lens only) is allowing you to magnify whereever the focus is placed so the center magnification is only applicable for legacy lens coupled via adapters (!)

My take is that peaking, DMF and focus magnification at spot is one FW function coupled hence the peaking applies to the System Lens only (my guess TBC)

also, with regards to the 85mm, is if you find the lens faster to focus on the NX300 compared to the NX20?

not really.. I would say that the limitation is the amount of glass that needs to be moved :-D, it is ok when you you have only incremental moves to make, that works (and I had the impression that the AF is more reliable hence more keepers so far)

if you say, that the jpegs are good at ISO 3200, can we say that the raws are now much better at this sensitivity? did you also take some ISO 6400 shots? I wouldn't mind using printing colored at that sensitivity if the results are acceptable.

Can't tell you about RAW as I haven't done any work on my PC yet, so I cannot even tell you if the LR$ that got shipped is already a V4.4 or if you need to wait for the formal Adobe release to  convert them.

But what I did: I did in camera RAW conversion already as you have full control on all params e.g. ISO/AWB etc as well an auto improve feature so for now I am ok with that knowing that the LR release supporting the NX300 is close to be release...

(a typical well know and accepted early adopter issue that I do not really care and complain about with LR now bundled)

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