First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

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Re: First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

tjobbe wrote:

tecnoworld wrote:

Great! Please post your impressions asap  also about focus peaking, which tjobbe did not mention.

I did not mention it because it is not the most important feature for me 

So short feedback on MF

a) the peaking works and is configurable in regards of color and intensitiy/contrast

b) the peaking works when you magnify

c) when setting the camera to MF, you get a distance indicator (not as detailed as on the 60mm Macro, but similar to compacts) when using the NX Systems lenses

What I did not yet test (mainly because I haven't use any non NX Lens for the last 6month) is peaking with a legacy lens, but there are other reports from another german user stating it does NOT work with legacy lenses... I won't be able to try that myself before next week as I currently have no access to any.

thanks. the unconfirmed report about the focus peaking doesn't work with legacy lenses doesn't sound great at all for legacy lens users. however, I do have some questions with regards to live view magnification, is that if you could change the magnified focus area since the previous NX lenses only magnifies the center area?

also, with regards to the 85mm, is if you find the lens faster to focus on the NX300 compared to the NX20?

if you say, that the jpegs are good at ISO 3200, can we say that the raws are now much better at this sensitivity? did you also take some ISO 6400 shots? I wouldn't mind using printing colored at that sensitivity if the results are acceptable.

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