Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?

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Re: Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?

The Op's question is legitimate & unfortunately Sony have demonstrated time & time again that they don't really understand Photographers needs. Like some I bought a NEX 7 very early & falsely assumed that suitable lenses would appear in a reasonable time. Mea culpa !

Sure now there is a selection of lenses covering 10-200mm , all of 'reasonable' quality but apart from the 24mm non stabilised Zeiss they are only average. Look at what Fuji have achieved in a relatively short time & they compare very favourably, All their lenses are of good quality & , although not the cheapest , they are affordable.

If I were starting out again I would take a different path, I made the mistake of trying to remain loyal to a familiar manufacturer & had to learn a lesson the hard way.....

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