Samsung NX200 lenses 18-200 or 50-200mm?

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Re: Samsung NX200 lenses 18-200 or 50-200mm?

viking79 wrote:

joellarsen wrote:

I have recently bought an NX200 that came with a 20-50 kit lens. I am travelling overseas and want more zoom than this lens provides. I would like to have only one lens that will cover all photo opportunities.

Your only choice to have 1 lens for all opportunities is the 18-200, that is what the lens is for  It won't cover everything (not great in low light), but is designed to cover as much as possible.  If you get the 50-200 you will be swapping with your 20-50 mm on a regular basis.

I would love to buy the 18-200mm lens but it is so expensive compared to the 50-200mm lens. Will the 50-200mm lens provide enough versatility? And I would have to stand further back from the subject as I would be "starting" at 50mm wouldn't I?

Depends on what you photograph, but 50 mm is a tight field of view.  I find 30 mm too tight for general shots at times.

So for what you want, the 18-200 is, I think, the right choice.  If it isn't in your budget the 50-200 mm will be fine, but you will have to switch between it and your 20-50 mm.  The 20-50 mm when you are in tighter locations, and maybe switch to the 50-200 when you are out in more open areas.

Image quality wise the 18-200 mm isn't the best lens in the world, but the flexibility of zoom range is very handy.


Actually, with the price differences of the 50-200 and 18-200, could just get another body

i myself have 2 nx body, 1 with 50-200mm, another with 18-55mm or any pancake for keeping small.

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