First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

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Re: First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

Ariston wrote:

I believe there is. but the question would be if the company itself would allow such instructions to be accessible. as you pointed out, the most possible reason is memory protection. it doesn't have to be an intel cpu that could allow such programming to run. besides, the cpu's now despite their size are much more capable and complex in performing a lot of operations despite the simplest minimalistic approach it wants to run those things. the idea of firmware updates in cameras alone is already a clue but the question is whether Samsung would allow other 3rd party instructions. I have in the past was able to use 3rd party hardware devices such as flash and wireless trancievers on the NX cameras. for some reason, Samsung managed to disallow those devices on the NX via firmware updates.

Right, I recall people complaining about flashes not working after firmware updates. I guess that I wasn't clear enough about the Intel CPU's (and similar protection with other brand CPUs) memory protection unless I misunderstood what you wrote above. It wasn't that Intel's CPUs allow custom programs to run, but that they can be programmed at a low level to prevent custom code (hacks) from running except in designated memory areas, or prevented from running anywhere at all. But even if memory protection was inhibited so all memory could be accessed by hacks, there would still have to be a backdoor or the hack wouldn't have a way to get started. I think that by not designing cameras to run user written programs, camera manufacturers are squandering a golden opportunity. Apple's iPhones and Android phones are remarkably successful in large part because they allow this. Samsung's Galaxy camera/phone is a step in the right direction. Maybe this is a sleeping giant that just got a wake up call.

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