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Re: 9-18 or RX100

Thanks for the good advice here.

Most of the time i am guiding or instructing groups.  As a consequence, there are plenty of camara's around, and there is no need to carry another compact.

I am also not looking for "postcard shots", but want to bring back pictures of people/groups in this special setting. The guide is also responsible for the foto souvenirs...

My first idea was the 17 mm 1.8, but i think this one gives not the right posibilities in perspectives.  Then i was thinking of the 9-18, but overall i am a bit underwelmed by the pictures in the flickr pool.  I dont like to much distortion, especially in pictures with people on them.

The 12 mm is pricy, only one focal length and falls within the zoom range of the expected quality zoom.  On the other hand, the 12 mm is small and the pictures I have seen, really stand out.  F 2 could be usefull in the morning before sunrise and at the dinner table in the mountain cabin.  12 mm shoul be fine for summit portraits.

The 45 mm seems an excellent option to shoot stitched panoramas, but i am affraid that i don't have the time to switch lenses during the day.

any other thoughts / am i underestimating the 9-18 / should I go for the 12 mm?


Just wondering why people are recommending the 9-18mm but not the 7-14mm?
Wouldn't the 7-14mm be better given the slightly wider option it allows?

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