First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

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Re: First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

Some more updates from todays shooting although I haven't processed images yet as they load on my PC now.

-> the touch screen is a nice feature with some big "but" as you can easily/accidentialy hit one of the touch functions on the left side that open the menue when you try to hold the camera as other NX before. I believe I have to get used to it but I hit that menue more often in one shooting than I accentially pressed the record button on the NX1000 in the last three/four months.

-> you can hold the 85mm nearly as "comfortable" as with the NX20

-> the tilting screen is usefull but I prefer the fully articulated one featured on the NX20 allthough the added 0,3" added to the NX300 is well used with add on screen options for direct access to e.g. the touch AF config.

-> the camera is very responsive, which gets directly visible when you swap with the NX20 (which I had with me with the 16mm pancake mounted)

-> boot up time is quick  , very quick

-> I currently check some ISO3200 OOC JPEGS I took with low noice reductiion settings and they are usable different to before

-> the NX300 allows full in camera RAW conversion incl some "automatic optimisation" setting which produced some reasonable JPEG so the engine as such is able to produce some good results at ISO3200.

-> I took roughly 450 pictures with all non OiS lenses (45 and 85mm) and the battery charge indicator still shows three bars so I cannot complain about that.

-> I do have the feeling that the buffer is much managed better compared to before NX20/NX200 but there is still room for improvement. I used the new Samsung 32GB UHS1 45mbit/s r/w SD card and had nothing to complain. The AF was ok in low light....

A very good first impression ! More incl images are to come.

Cheers, Tjobbe

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