about to buy the Nikon D800e w/ Nikkor 24-70 f2.8

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Re: Some Introspection Needed

reginalddwight wrote:

AofA wrote:

hi. i'm jst about to buy a new system.

i hope that i'm making the best decision for myself.

should i buy now or hold off for a bit.

what do you think will be the follow-up to this camera?

i am an artist using photo and video.

i can't afford a separate Phase/Contax/Leica medium format system AND

a decent HD 1080 video camera.

i love the Mamiya AFDIII 645 but can't be spending all that money on film and processing

and don't want to rent a digital back everytime i want to shoot-- i really need something on hand.

i like to have the option to make large exhibition prints and be able to make video art for web or screenings.

i don't need it immediately. should i wait. and what do you think i would be waiting for?


Buying into a new system suggests that there is something about your current photography gear that is lacking.

You need to ask yourself honestly how your gear limits your photographs now.

Oftentimes, we are unhappy with color gamut, other times resolution for example.

Perhaps your current kit is fine and your photographic skills need honing. Do not take offense, as that applies to me and a boat load of others here on DPR.

Good luck with your decision.

i think i've explained pretty clearly what i'm hoping to use it for-- and my needs. no offense.

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