Olympus 12 mm - F/2 ... Is it worth the $$ ?

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Seconded... (comparison pics)

Before dropping $800 on a lens, money that many of us don't have, consider P&S options.  If you're shooting in bright light I would say the Panasonic 7-14mm is a sharper lens at the same price, though bigger and heavier.  I would also say many P&S cameras would come very close to the 12/2 sharpness at the 24mm equivalent and from a lot of shots I've seen online, P&S are sharper that m4/3s because of more in-camera processing.  The Nikon P330 has really gotten my interest recently.  Also the Olympus XZ-2 is a solid performer.  Get the Canon s110 and volume-wise it's not much bigger than the 12/2 lens; and it's only around US$300!

If you're doing low light another poster already mentioned, the P&S options are still very good.  For example, the LX7 lens at f1.8 is not only a full-stop faster, but it's stabilized so that would give you another 2-3 stops.  My Nikon P330, Oly XZ-2, etc., will all be similar.  And granted, your m4/3s sensor will have better high ISO performance, but with the 12/2 on a Panasonic body you'll be shooting ISO3200 and the LX7 will be at ISO400.

I'm not telling you this is the way to go, because in all honesty I'd rather have the $800 12/2 than most P&S cameras, but I will tell you I'm seriously considering the P330 as my full-time wide option...until I buy the fisheye, that is!

And the 14/2.5 is only 25% of the price and smaller.  Give me one for free obviously I take the 12.  Put a gun to my head today and force me to buy one I buy the 14 (and thank god that I still have the extra US$600 in the bank).  Compare the photos.  The 12 is better , but is it $600 better than the 14mm?  And here's a sample (different photo) from the P330 .

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