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mgn2 wrote:

El Matadurr wrote:

P.S. I'm saying all this as I went from a Nikon DSLR(s) to a NEX-7 (d40 and d300). The compactness and lighter weight is immediately welcome and noticeable. I've never had a sore shoulder/neck from a long day of shooting with the camera bag slung on or the camera around my neck. It's just a feather in comparison.

Thanks for your reply. If the next thing coming for NEX is the 7N and its going to be expensive, I agree the NEX-6 may work best for me with the hybrid cdaf/pdaf. In terms of lenses, how does the sony 35mm compare to my Nikon 35mm 1.8 you think? I really like my Nikkor lens. The 10-18mm lens seems very expensive to me, not sure I would ever stomach that price. How is the 16mm or the Sigma 19mm (I know not ultra wide)? The 55-210 is something I would acquire later when I feel the need for it. So my initial outlay might be something like $1700 with the nex-6+kit lens+35mm+16mm or $2000 with the 55-210. With the jpegs, I hear Fuji jpegs are the best. My X100 spits out great jpegs that I am very pleased with. Do you think the NEX-6 can be tweaked to produce similar jpegs? Where could I find settings for that and examples? I wonder if Fuji is going to release a new system with hybrid cdaf/pdaf to rival the nex-6.

Check out my review of the 35mm f/1.8 if you haven't already to get a better idea of how it actually performs--I can't speak towards how it may compare to the Nikkor. I agree, the 10-18mm is very expensive, but from what I've seen from Richard NO and a couple others just on here alone, it's a fantastic lens. The 16mm has problems on all the NEX cameras, and is a lens design that wasn't meant to produce high-quality images (I believe it was the first NEX prime when the camera bodies were introduced); instead, it's meant to be pocketable. That said, between f/5.6-11 it seems to do alright, and there is actually a "16mm appreciation" thread on here to put the little guy in a positive light.

The Sigma 19 is a great and cheap lens as well, though not as good optically as the Sigma 30mm f/2.8. Both have telecentric optical designs that give superb performance corner-to-corner.

Your ideas for either kit are sound. If you do get the 16mm and also get the ultra-wide converter, you'll have a good focal range covered (remember to stop that 16mm down pretty hard though, hehe).

Color is extremely subjective, but yes, the majority of reviews/posts I see talk about how Fuji's JPEGs have a certain pleasing look to them. I'd imagine you could get pretty close to that depending on how you tweak the JPEG parameters (creative style, contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc.). Where you could find those settings and specific examples, I don't know.

So far, Fuji's focus hasn't been on operation speed with their mirrorless cameras (they aren't strictly-speaking "clunky" from the times I've played with them), so I doubt they'll introduce a hybrid system anytime soon. If there is a Fuji rumor site, keep an eye on it to pique your curiosity.

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