New Epson WorkForce_very poor Draft print quality

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Re: New Epson WorkForce_very poor Draft print quality

Thanks.  I thought about that, but the next preset level up from Draft in Epson is Standard.  You can make custom print settings "presets," by choosing options, even changing print quality, then save as custom preset.

In this Epson, print quality levels (under Quality > more settings) has 5 levels.  draft = 1; Standard = 3; High Quality = 5.

I tried level 2 - grayscale.  It's much darker than any of the Draft options, but still has nearly the same print issues I described.

HP had a Fast Draft (lowest), a Fast Normal (that looked as good as many resumes I've seen); a Standard (or Everyday Printing), a Best (from memory) & a Presentation mode.

It's lowest possible quality level beats the 2nd level on Epson.  If I hadn't always used the lowest ink volume setting on HP's Fast Draft, it probably would be as dark & far smoother than Epson's 2nd from lowest level.

To recap - the only way I can get it to print w/o jagged letters is use Standard (level 3 of 5).  It's very dark, smooth & obviously uses a good deal of ink.  It's good enough for most office printing.  A waste of ink for printing emails or KB articles.  One step down - level 2 - is still jagged as hell.

If I didn't know better, I'd think they made the draft quality so poor, no one would use it - thus selling more ink... Nah.  Maybe new HPs do the same.  Haven't printed draft mode on new HPs.

Aside:  to get email notifications, (once change settings in your acct), do you still have to check "subscribe to updates" at bottom of post screen - on every new post, or is that something else?

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