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Re: part 2

jcmarfilph wrote:

alexisgreat wrote:

Kim, so you think the F990 steals the show, even when both are M size DR 400? You know what this means right- that new super duper zoom lens on the HS50 may have exceeded its reach going for 42x..... I guess time will tell with further testing.

Hey Alex,

MSize vs LSize.

Take note that I did not do anything especial here but just BiCubic upsizing of Msize.

Lemme know how many stupid peeps will tell than MSize is better than LSize lol.

Since you mentioned stupid ...

  • The anti-alias filter on an EXR sensor has to be tuned for either M size or L size. It cannot be appropriate for both. Also, the JPEG engine will be tuned to compensate, and it is quite clear with the HS50 files that they sharpen L size more. Sharpening M size equalizes the apparent acuity.
  • All that said, what you are bleating about so constantly is merely a difference in sharpness of a JPEG output. It is not "detail", which is blindingly obvious when you look at crops that actually have some details in them.
  • Incredibly, even after being told for weeks now, you still use inappropriate examples to demonstrate what you think is a difference in detail (but is actually just a difference in sharpening.)

So it is clear now that you have again described yourself.

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