Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

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Re: Fully in agreement

Leonard Migliore wrote:

Stacey_K wrote:

Leonard Migliore wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

Wide open at 300mm the Tamron is tack sharp. Bokeh is quite reasonable and the lens AF is quick enough. Be sure to VIEW ORIGINAL to see the better quality view.

I've been able to get tolerable results out of the Tamron


I got tired of fighting the image quality at 300 and got a 300 f/4 Nikkor. The Nikkor prime is way better.

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Leonard Migliore

Of course a $1500 prime is better The 180mm f2.8D prime is better than any of the zooms at that focus length as well. Same with the 85mm f1.8.

Fer sure. I was just indicating that I, for one, didn't find the Tamron's bokeh "reasonable" or its sharpness tacklike; I found it poor enough to part with $1500 to get something decent. And it's relatively hard to get me to part with $1500.

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Leonard Migliore

So just for the don't think this type of performance at 300mm is decent?

That's 300mm on the Tamron wide open. My 300mm F4 is sharper, but only by a small margin visible ONLY with a big crop. I've already done a post showing the bokeh compared to the 70-200 VRII and the Tamron did quite well.

So far as sharpness goes, clearly my sample is sharp.


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